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About Khaja Recipe | Sweet Khaja Recipe | Chiroti Recipe:

Khaja occasionally prepared in Diwali, Holi and in marriage is the traditional sweet dish from North part of India, mainly Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. With it’s crunchy and sweet taste, is a must to have at least once in lifetime. Key to make a delicious Khaja is the preparation of multi layer wraps and the sugar syrup. Follow the steps and watch the video to learn how to make lip smacking delicious sweet Khaja.



Khaja Recipe - Chiroti Recipe - By RecipesOnBoard

Khaja Recipe - Chiroti Recipe - By RecipesOnBoard


Khaja Recipe - Chiroti Recipe - By RecipesOnBoard



Preparation TimeCooking TimeServings
30 mins20 mins4 to 5 pieces



  • 1 Cup All Purpose Flour/Maida
  • 3/4 Cup of Sugar
  • Oil for frying
  • Water to knead the Flour and for making Sugar Syrup



1. Take all purpose flour in a big bowl and gradually add water in small quantity. Crumble all together to prepare hard dough.

2. Take 1 tsp of all purpose flour and 1 tsp or more oil/ghee to make a paste. This is required to brush over the chapati which will be prepared later. This makes khaja layers non sticky.

3. From the dough make a medium size roll and make a long chapati like naan.

4. Brush the paste of oil/ghee and all purpose flour over the chapati.

5. Roll it like a wrap as as shown in the video.

6. Using a knife, cut the wrap diagonally in equal sizes.

7. Heat oil in a deep bottomed pan and deep fry the khaja pieces on medium low flame. Fry it until khaja becomes light golden in color.

8. Once it is fried, take out in a separate plate or container.

9. Take approximately half cup of water and 3/4th cup of sugar in a pan and cook it on high flame. Bring it to boil and make sure to Keep stirring to avoid burning of sugar. Syrup should be boiled till it reaches it’s crystallization point.

10. Now pour this syrup over the khaja pieces and let it cool. Delicious and easy to make khaza will be ready. You can store this in an air tight container for more than a month.



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