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About Mathris Recipe:

Mathris are flaky biscuits or slated crisp crackers which are mostly preferred for snacks and treats. It’s specialty is that you can make these at home and can store it for more than a month in an air-tight container. This is one of my favorite snacks, though salty in taste but I love to eat this with hot tea.






Preparation TimeCooking TimeServings
10 mins10 mins40 to 50 Mathris


  • 2 cups of Maida ( All purpose flour)
  • 3 tsp of Desi Ghee or Refined Oil
  • 1 tsp of Ajwain Seeds
  • 1 tsp of Red Chilli Powder
  • Salt as per taste
  • Water as per the need


1. Take a big bowl and place all purpose flour in it. Add Ajwain Seeds, Salt, Red Chilli Powder and mix it properly.

2. Put Oil in the bowl and crumble all the contents. Add water little by little to make a tight dough.

3. Heat Oil in a large pan/Kadhai on high flame.

4. In the mean while, make a big ball of the dough and roll it to make a big circular chappati. Once rolled, cut them in a circular shape using circular frame.

5. Prick the mathris using fork so that it does not puff while frying.

6. Fry  few mathris at a time on medium flame. Make sure to place just enough mathris to cover the frying oil. Fry these until both the sides becomes light golden-brown in color.

7.  Serve this with pickle as it taste better. You can use mathris to make papri chaat as well.


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